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  • Mood: Sadness
lately ive been rather depresssed with the goings on in my life,between being a step-in-a-half away from living on the sidewalk to being treated like shit by members of my own family,along side poeple i do not even know.....

sometimes when i feel like this i tend to be in a state of deep thought,and being an artist,as all of you problubly understand,i express those thoughts and feelings thrue my art,and sometimes I express it in the form of creative writing and Poetry...

i delv in many interests,and one of them happens to be the subject of Angles(more particulary the Archangels of the Bible) that along with my christian faith holds a particulary strong influence on my life,and some of my me the archangels reprisent a an example of streangth and faith so i wrote something that expresses that faith.

       :::::::::::::::::Micheal Be thy Sword::::::::::::::::
   Micheal be thy sword and sheild,to fend of vice and sin....
     Gabriel be thy swift wings,to be there for my kin.

 Raphiel Be Thy Falling Tears,to heal those i have wronged...
  Metitron by thy Celestial voice,to speak the word of god.

  Remiel Be thy Loyal Gaurd, and stand there by my side...
    Uriel be thy Watchfull Gaze,to see thrue Evil's lies.

 Azreal Be thy Humble Reaper,when my time on Earth is done...
     And Christ be my salvation,my mercy and my love.


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Dakota Stein
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Ava'yorn thuriels (that is means "hello friends")

about me...hmmm...
well i pretty much like enything that has to do with high fantasy and mythology.My favoret passion being Dragons of all kinds,i also have an interest in angels and fantasy and sci-fi weapons.

infact about 90% of my artwork revolves around those themes,my experties being designing fantasy weapons (usualy swords,but i can make a wide veriety of weapons).

ive serfed this site before i became a member several times in the past and i can say that enything i upload will likely not be to good,as compared to the work of others on here.

well i guess all there is left to say is i hope i make some new freinds and get cretique on my artwork.

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vinxa, vi thurirl.
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well il try (tho I can only make stuff like that when im on my friends computer the library's computer does not have the softare I need... so it may be a while)
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